Weavers place

Weavers Place Home stay is an initiative of the Exotic Echo. The homestay has 11 eco-friendly cottages and rooms where one can stay and enjoy rural Nagaland and witness Loinloom textile weaving.
The Weaver’s Place is a home Stay where one can get a taste of the legendary Naga hospitality in a semi rural setting. It is promoted by Exotic Echo which has worked for more than a decade now to promote the slowly vanishing art of the artistic textile weaving style of Loinloom or back strap weaving. The Home stay gives all visitors to relax while par taking a slice of the local culture and enjoy the unique handlooms and handicrafts of the region. It has six en suite bamboo huts, one bamboo long room and tents for the adventurous. It has the wherewithal to handle discernible individual travellers, small groups from 6 to 15 members or school or educational institutes with upto 40 students and teachers.
The international Loinloom festival is organized every year in the first week of December by Exotic Echo at Weaver’s place, Diezephe.

Diezephe Handicraft weavers place


Nagaland Zoological Park

Zoological Park or Nagaland Zoological Park is located in the Chumoukedima district of Nagaland. The park is situated in an area of 176 ha with rolling plateau and low lying areas suitable for aquatic birds. The park’s authorities promote awareness, educate and provide recreation for the people of the state. It also wants to promote awareness and education among the people of Nagaland. Reaching your destination is easy with buses and auto rickshaws that are available throughout the day from Dimapur city centre. You can hire a taxi to reach this park. Zoo remains open from 8 am to 4 pm on all weekdays except Monday.

Nagaland Zoological Park



North East Zone Cultural Centre and Stone Park (NEZCC)

This place is near to Dimapur airport. Good for a family outing. Various huge sculptures carved out of single large rocks by various artists from different States of the country. A waterbody with Nymphaea blooms under a beautiful bridge is also worth clicking your selfies.It’s a calm and serene park land with unique stone sculptures and traditional cravings. The stone park also exhibits picnic spots and a children’s park.

North East Zone Cultural Centre and Stone Park